Hope Bag

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Hope Bags are emergency relief bundles that include vital items for women and children to leave a dangerous environment and survive the first 24-48 hours on their own. Black quilted beauty bag, Waterproof document pouch, Femfresh Wipes pack, Taxi voucher $10 (x2), Collapsible coffee cup, Sanitary Pads Telstra Lite 2 pre-paid mobile phone & sim card, Dry shampoo, Sanitary Tampons, Telstra pre-paid phone credit value $30, Deodorant spray, Sanitary tidy bags, Coles gift card $50, Dettol hand sanitiser mini Lip balm, Priceline pharmacy gift card $30, Radox shower gel mini, Toothbrush and toothpaste pack, Blue pens, Palmers moisture cream mini, Pack of mints, Notebook, Wet Ones Wipe Pack mini, Hairbrush, Tissues purse pack, Terry hand towel, Washing liquid satchels, Small first aid kit, Waterproof laundry bag, Bottled water, Uncut new keys. 40cm x 20cm x 25cm

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