The Kickass Women's core purpose is to support the career success of women of all ages in Non-Traditional Roles within the Rail, Mining,  Resources, STEM and Construction Industries and everything we do reflects that intent.

Our Mission is to empower the women wanting to enter into these industries through outreach programs, continuing education, advocacy, mentoring, networking and ongoing support to promote employment, retention, encouragement and unity between both new and seasoned female workers in Hi-Vis -"Glo Getters".

Glo Getter

[ glow-getter ] noun
A Glo Getter is a kickass strong ambitious woman donning her hard hat and hi vis in a non-traditional role in varied industries.
See also: goalpuncher, workhorse, doer, superhero


Jo Sainsbury is no stranger to wearing high-vis workwear, getting down and dirty in the grease and coal dust. Jo Sainsbury has over 30 years’ experience in Administration, HR, WH&S and Project Management within the Heavy Equipment, Earthmoving and Rail Industries. Jo hit the track running so to speak 7 years’ ago and now works as a Coal Train Driver.

Jo is a big believer in inclusion and diversity and believes more women should consider these non-traditional roles and careers as there are a lot of great benefits. This isn't just about securing a well-paying future but it's also about personal fulfilment and accomplishment.

Jo has recently become a published author and advocate within the Rail, Resources & Construction Industries. She is passionate about encouraging women of all ages to unleash the full force of their potential, achieve greater levels of self sufficiency and fulfilment and create a more sustainable way of working, in particular within Non-Traditional Roles in these industries. She is all about finding an appreciation for the world of possibilities that await when you’re prepared to throw aside self-imposed limitations.

Jo encourages women of all ages to lift up their feet and kick off their heels, find their kickass attitude and get their Glo On and become a Glo Getter. “Everyone is capable of doing the job – what are you waiting for Get Your Glo On” she shouts out!



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