This Amazon #1 Best-seller is a guide is for women wanting to find their “Kickass” attitude and who are interested in working in non-tradition role within the Rail, Mining, Resources STEM & Construction Industries.

Have you ever wanted to try something completely different, say in the Rail, Mining, Resources, Stem or Construction industries but were too scared to take the plunge?

Maybe thought a job advert sounded so interesting but clicked straight past because it was a completely different type of role or field and you thought "what's the point of even trying"!

So what if you've never done it before, have no contacts in these industries or no knowledge of how any of it works? Neither did I! Lookat  me now, I'm a Coal Train Driver working in the rail and mining industry. This could be you!

In this guide you will find out how to:

• Understand and build on your current and innate strength;
• Take steps to identify your personal and career goals;
• Plan, create and manage your own initiative to go after that Non-Traditional Role;
• Best utilise my tips, tools and insights;
• Find your Kickass attitude and version of success.

Whether it be education towards a career pathway, relaunching your  career or considering a change this guide is a must read and shows how I transitioned from the corporate sector into a Non-Traditional role, lifted up my feet, kicked off my heels and tapped into my steel caps to become a Glo Getter and now don my hard hat and hi vis.

When women realise their potential and are able to access their inner strength, knowledge and power, miracles are known to happen and opportunities come knocking.

Everyone is capable of doing the job. What are you waiting for ... ?

Go on “Get Your Glo On and become a "Glo Getter".