KICKASS WOMEN is all about a future for women working in non-traditional roles in the Rail, Mining, Resources, STEM and Construction Industries.

Kickass Women offer basic entry level resources and training opportunities and a variety of interesting career prospects to help find your version of success and your Kickass attitude!

The AMAZON NUMBER #1 BEST SELLER written by Kickass Women Founder Jo Sainsbury is available for purchase now.

KICKASS RADIO is a LIVE radio show and podcast, hosted by Jo and dedicated to delivering empowering and engaging conversations across Australia at 10am (AEST) Friday’s, the United States 5pm (PT) Thursday’s.

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Jo encourages women of all ages to lift up their feet and kick off their heels, find their kickass attitude and get their glo on and become a Glo Getter.

“Everyone is capable of doing the job – what are you waiting for? Get Your Glo On” she shouts out!

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Uncover your pathway to that Non-Traditional Role within the Rail, Mining, Resources, STEM and Construction Industries.

Kickstart your career with the Heels in Demand Work-Ready Resources and Training Program (under construction) which can improve your “employability” by helping you discover your skills, talents and interests.

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