You're Never Too Old to Reinvent Yourself

Yes, it's in your 50's that most women first think of their lives in terms of how much time is left rather than how much has passed.

This decade more than any other brings a major reappraisal of the direction one's life has taken, of priorities and most particularly, how best to use the years that remain. We, yes you and me, and the myriad ageing female generation feel we are living our best lives, with I'd say over half being content, more confident and feeling younger than we actually are. Most of these women believing they are now likely to try new things since they turned 50.This includes a vast number of them starting their own businesses, stepping up to take that promotion or into that leadership role, going to music festivals, becoming the exciting adventurer, looking after their fitness and health, going solo travelling and more so feeling younger than ever today.

We want to see things that inform and reflect our life, a life that's filled with everything we are passionate about. We are still passionately working and going harder than ever to smash those glass ceilings, a time of liberation in our lives, a time during which we are able to view our lives in a broader way.

Me, well I consider myself as an on-going project and work-in-progress albeit early in my 50's, and I am allowed to be both a work-in-progress and help others grow at the same time. I am one of those who still has a healthy appetite for continual self and professional development.However, the more women whose words you and I can relate to, the less alon ewe'll feel and the more empowered we become. For me it's about what makes you feel the most alive and then creating it.

So Ladies, you may have to lose who you were to find out who you are! Chase those dreams, fulfil those goals and love your age as you are old enough to know there's better, young enough not to care and experienced enough to do it right, now!

Get out there, Kick Off Your Heels and Get Your Glo On!